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Clean Start is in the Silk Balance family and is part of your Silk Balance Conversation Kit that you can purchase online or at any Ohio Pools & Spas store. Clean Start should be used prior to starting your spa on the Silk Balance regiment. The Clean Start is going to clean its way through the spa plumbing and help remove all the organic build up in your lines from any previous use! Clean Start will also eliminate bio-film, the number one source of bacteria build up in your spa. This product is formulated to work through all levels of water hardness and was created to deep clean pipes, jets, and any plumbing equipment.


Step 1: Remove your spa filters, then pour the bottle of Clean Start in your spa and turn your jets on high for 30 minutes
Step 2: Drain, clean and refill your spa within 2 hours
Step 3: Test your water chemistry
Step 4: Once your water chemistry is balanced—you can start your Silk Balance regiment!

To keep your spa running at optimal levels, you should use Clean Start a minimum of once per year in conjunction with draining and refilling your spa. Don’t Delay… gain the peace of mind with Silk Balance, knowing that your water chemistry is balanced giving you odorless water and smooth skin. Stop into any store or shop online for Silk Balance and Clean Start today!

By Nikki Milne