Fundraise With Us

win a spa raffle


Ohio Pools & Spas is excited to help raise funds for local non-profit organizations by raffling off our new Fantasy ASPIRE Spa! Your organization can raise $2,000 for each raffled spa. Running this fundraiser is a fantastic way to build awareness for your organization, expand your social media presence and have fun!!


  • Your organization has the choice of selling 200 raffle tickets at $20 each or 400 tickets at $10 each. We will print and provide raffle tickets.

  • Your organization keeps $2,000 and $2,000 goes back to Ohio Pools & Spas

  • Your organization picks the raffle date and the winner.

  • The winner will win an ASPIRE Spa with FREE delivery, or has an option to apply winning price towards a purchase of another item at Ohio Pools & Spas stores.*

fundraise hot tub

Ohio Pools & Spas has been a family owned company since 1957. We have always been an active part of ourcommunities throughout Northeast Ohio by supporting local schools, sponsoring sports teams, donating to non-profit organizations and providing products to improve individual community members’ quality of life. We have put together a new fundraising program to further support and build our communities.

*DISCLAIMER: Free delivery in available markets. Winning price of $2,000 may be applied towards a purchase of a swimming pool, sauna, massage chair or different model spa. Organization is responsible for selling raffle tickets. No cash refunds on the purchase