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Ever wish you could take your hot tub cover on and off with the turn of a key? Maybe you have considered a gazebo for over you hot tub but wanted something to give you more privacy. Well, now you can have both thanks to the Covana made by Sterling Leisure. What’s even better is that you can now find it at Ohio Pools & Spas!

What makes this different than your average hot tub cover is that it is a fully automated-meaning you just turn a key and watch as it lifts off you hot tub. It has a chain drive, similar to that of a garage door opener, that will rise up when you want to use the hot tub and then back down when you are finished.  This is also a hard cover so no more having to replace your hot tub cover every few years because of how heavy it can get.  What’s even better is that this cover also has an insulating factor of R21 to keep the heat in your hot tub!

The Covana is available in two colors and will fit most hot tubs.  There are also great options for it such as L.E.D. lighting and screens for privacy.  Seeing this product in action is believing. Come in and see it in our North Canton and Mayfield Stop in now to Ohio Pools & Spas check out how great it looks and how easy it is to operate.

Submitted by Charlie Hughes