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1. Easier & faster installation

Pool installation requires a dry construction site. After the snow melts, the ground stays pretty wet for a long time. In our area unexpected spring showers are very common. So, before crews can proceed, the soil needs to dry out so that only minimal moisture remains. The ground must also be hard enough for heavy machinery to drive over it without getting mired in mud. When installing your pool late summer or fall, a random thunder shower has minimal effect on our seasonally dry ground.

2. Less invasiveness to yard & property

Since the pool installation always requires access for machinery and equipment through customer’s yard to the installation site, the dryer ground of a late summer or early fall installation, means there is less yard repair, if any, compared to a spring install, saving you work, time and money.

3. Hot weather—equals best fit for liner

The sun’s heat & higher temperatures warm up the vinyl of the liner, making it more pliable and easier to work with. With more consistent favorable late summer weather, you’ll get the best fitting liner installation without waiting for that perfect day to materialize in the spring.

4. Potential cost increase

As with everything else, inflation may play a big role in a purchase of your new pool. There is always a chance that pool manufacturers will increase their price, which they typically do at the beginning of the new season. Also, if you’re planning on financing your pool, interest rates may increase too.

5. Enjoy your new pool & landscape at the same time

Typically, if a pool is installed in the spring season, you won’t see your final landscape design until next year. By installing your pool now or in the fall, you have plenty of time to design & create the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted. When you open your pool next spring, you can enjoy your beautiful landscape and / or decking at the same time!

6. Less Stressful installation process

Avoid the waiting list competing for job completion by Memorial Day or next summer’s great weather, and eliminate frustration from frequent spring rain delays.

7. Huge sales on patio furniture & pool toys

As with the new landscaping and / or decking, you would probably want to get fresh patio furniture to accompany your new pool. Now, is the best time to get great deals! Currently, Ohio Pools & Spas has patio furniture up to 70% off and all our pool toys, floats and games are 35% off. So, it’s a great time to stock up and be ready for your Memorial Day pool party—we guarantee it!

8. Free pool closing and opening

Besides our Satisfaction Guarantee to have your pool up and running for you to enjoy for next Memorial Day, our pool technicians will winterize and close your pool this fall, as well as open, test and treat your pool next spring. All at no charge to you! Visit one of our showrooms for details.