Pool Service

Ohio Pools & Spas only service pools that were installed by our company or pools that have been serviced by our company in the past.  This is a result of our current work load and commitment to customer satisfaction. Please call our service department if you have any questions.

Preseasons: A preseason is designed to reduce the opportunity for algae to grow as the weather begins to warm and allows for pools to be opened with better water clarity.  The preseason consists of testing and treating the water, adjusting and cleaning mesh cover, pump water off solid winter cover and in some cases starting the pump/filter to clear cloudy water with the winter cover still on.  Depending on the weather, this happens around the first couple weeks of March.

Pool Openings
Download: Pool Opening Request (Print out form and mail or fax to: 330-494-7925)

Pool Closings
Download: Pool Closing Request (Print out form and mail or fax to: 330-494-7925)

Leak Repairs: We have specialized equipment used to detect any kind of leak in your pool.  The leak tracker is used to find holes in vinyl lined pools which can then be patched.  The listening equipment is used to find holes in the underground plumbing lines for your pool which can then be exposed and fixed.

Pool Weekly Maintenance Plans: We can setup arrangements to service your pool on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. We also offer a plan that includes servicing your spa at the same time.  Call for details of specific plans and prices.

Weekly Maintenance Agreement & Credit Card Authorization Form (Print out form and mail or fax to: 330-494-7925)

Liner Replacements: We offer a service to restore the beauty of your pool by replacing the vinyl liner.  This service includes draining the pool, removal of the liner, pressure testing the lines, preparation for new liner, setting the new liner, and refilling.  Other services including painting of the coping can be added on to the contract for an additional charge.  Call to obtain your customized quote.

Pool Winterization
We offer winterization instructions for our above ground pools. Click on the link below for the appropriate instructions.

For soft side above ground pools (Alberca & Legacy)
For Splash softside above ground pools
For steel wall above ground pools

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our service department at (330) 494-7755 ext. 4