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Hot Spring Hot Tub- The Next Generation Highlife


Hot Spring Spas continues to amaze all of us with their engineering and innovations.  Hot Spring Spas has always been the world’s leader in hot tubs.  In 2014 they continued to prove why when they unveiled the new Highlife model … Read more

Vitamins for your hot tub


Vitamins for you spa?  Does it really work? A little over a year ago our sales manager, Brad went out looking for a specific product that he had heard about called Spazazz. He was going to  run a marathon and … Read more

Having the Right Hot Tub Access…ories


Having the right access…ories Here at Ohio Pools & Spas, we carry Hot Spring Hot Tubs for more reasons than I can list. One great thing about Hot Spring is they make it so every hot tub can have the … Read more

Story time again


Story Time Again My son and I started a new “tradition” for summer time. On a night when I was off or in late the next day, I would come home and find a fire built in the fire pit … Read more

Spring is here and have you changed the water in your hot tub?


Spring is here and have you changed the water in your hot tub? Now is the perfect time to start using Silk Balance in your spa if you haven’t yet. Silk Balance becomes the base of your water chemistry.  It … Read more

Opening your pool


It’s getting close to the time of year when it’s time to open our swimming pool that’s been sitting through the terrible winter we had.  This makes the thought of swimming that much better.  There are a few things that … Read more

Hot tub party as close as your backyard


Hot tub party time…Excellent! Winter months have you down? The cold weather getting to you? Are you looking out the window wishing you were at in vacation destination? Here’s idea for you… throw a Hot tub party!!! This could change … Read more

Importance of good water chemistry


One of the most important parts of swimming pool and hot tub ownership is keeping the water clean and safe to use. Water chemistry can sound confusing and scary at first, but once you have the hang of it, keeping … Read more

Traditional or Infrared-Both Equal Relaxation


Modern living is complicated.  We have become experts in time and stress management.  Our work is more demanding; our home and life responsibilities are more challenging than any previous generation.  Let a Finnleo Sauna work its special effects on you. … Read more

Medical Benefits of a Sauna


Submitted by Eric Leuchtag Sit in a sauna and feel the heat envelop you but did you realize that there are medical benefits of a sauna?  Here are just a few of the many benefits: 1) Relaxes muscles and soothe … Read more